Midnight Collection Fall 24 Preview in Luxembourg

Midnight Collection Fall 24 Preview in Luxembourg

Introduction: Envole (formerly known as Elite), renowned for its innovative approach to high-end fashion, recently unveiled its latest marvel - the Midnight Collection Fall 24 Women's Line, in the historic city of Luxembourg. This exclusive preview marks a new chapter in Envole’s fashion journey, introducing a limited collection that harmoniously blends modern luxury with timeless elegance.

The Preview Setting: Luxembourg, with its charming blend of ancient architecture and contemporary sophistication, served as the perfect stage for revealing the Midnight Collection. The city's atmospheric backdrop added a layer of mystique to the collection, mirroring the unique aesthetic of Envole.

Collection Highlights:

  1. Activewear Elegance:

    • The collection begins with an exquisite line of women's activewear. Each piece, including stylish leggings, chic bra tops, and versatile sweatshirts, is crafted to exude luxury in everyday activities, from jogging to yoga.

  2. Luxury Street Style:

    • The street style section is a nod to modern-day luxury. It features velour tracksuits reimagined with Envole’s signature touch, boasting low-slung trousers paired with elegantly cropped hooded jackets.

  3. Neo-Grunge Sophistication:

    • A daring neo-grunge sequence showcases oversized and layered outfits. Standout items include asymmetric trousers and a hand-embroidered leopard-motif coat, each reflecting Envole's innovative approach to design.

Pre-Sale Now Live:

In a first for Envole, select items from this mesmerizing collection are available for pre-sale immediately following the preview. This exclusive release offers fashion enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of this limited edition line.


The Midnight Collection Fall 24 Women's Line is not just a fashion statement; it's a celebration of femininity, luxury, and artistry. Each piece tells a story, set against the backdrop of Luxembourg's enchanting cityscape. With its pre-sale now live, Envole invites you to be a part of this exclusive fashion experience.

Preview the collection and be a part of this limited edition community.