Let's Team Up for Success at Elite Training Club!

At Elite Training Club, collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of what we do. As part of our extended family, we believe in the power of partnerships. And now, we're excited to extend an invitation to you. If you're a fashion-forward or lifestyle website that values quality, our affiliate program offers you a fantastic opportunity to earn commissions when your visitors make purchases through Elite Training Club. Intrigued? Keep reading...

Your Benefits Await

Joining our affiliate program opens the door to a world of benefits:

  • Competitive Commissions: Earn commission on net sales (excluding shipping, taxes, and returns) that originate from your site.
  • 14-Day Eligibility: You'll be eligible for commission on sales generated within 14 days of a visit from your site.
  • Automated Data Feeds: Access a fully automated data feed, with personalized feeds available upon request.
  • Regular Updates: Stay informed with weekly affiliate emails, banners, and assets highlighting capsule collections and product launches.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor your sales and commissions in real time through our reporting system.
  • Global Affiliate Support: Benefit from a dedicated Elite Training Club Affiliate team in Birmingham.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Discover additional collaborative prospects, including competitions, events, and offline engagements.

Getting Started Is Easy

Embarking on this journey with us is simple. Here's how:

  • Display Our Content: Place our ads, banners, and links on your site to showcase Elite Training Club to your audience.
  • Explore Product Data: Utilize our product data feed and spotlight key items that resonate with your readers.

Ready to Apply?

Becoming an Elite Training Club affiliate is just a click away. Follow the link to submit your application. We'll review it to ensure a great fit for both parties, and then we'll be in touch. If you're looking for more details, the 'Affiliate Offering Media Deck' is available upon request.

Let's Build Something Remarkable Together!